Tami Hoag – Sarah’s Sin

Sarah’s Sin is one of the romance books that Tami Hoag published early in her career.

This story was released on June 1, 1991 and is part of the Loveswept series.

Sarah’s Sin book description

Matt Thorne had come to his sister’s rural inn to recover from an injury far from the city and his fast-paced life as an emergency room physician. Drifting between sleep and waking, Matt didn’t trust his eyes when he saw the young woman who sat at his bedside in her plain cotton dress and apron, her chestnut hair tucked demurely beneath a white bonnet, like a beautiful vision from the past century.

Sarah Troyer had been warned about the womanizing Dr. Thorne, but nothing prepared her for the shiver of desire that shook her to her core when she gazed at him. Though her life was bound by the simple Amish way, Sarah had always longed for the world outside.

Her job at the inn already branded her as a rebel in her community, and falling in love with a stranger would mean the loss of her family and the only life she knew. Yet something sparked within her with every touch of his hand, each glance from his dark eyes.

Sarah was willing to allow herself a brief, secret adventure in the arms of a forbidden man. But she hadn’t counted on Matt’s passionate love — a love that would not let go, a love that could cost them both everything they knew….

Tami Hoag Sarah's Sin

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