Tami Hoag – Reilly’s Return

Tami Hoag – Reilly’s Return is the third and final book in the Rainbow Chasers series.

The release date of this story was July 1, 1990.

Reilly’s Return book description

In a small town on California’s northern coast, Jayne Jordan thinks that she has found the perfect place to live. Recovering from her husband’s death, searching for spiritual harmony, Jayne still manages to crank out bluntly honest — often scathing — movie reviews read by millions.

Then into her life strides international movie star and sex symbol Pat Reilly, a friend of Jayne’s late husband. Reilly has waited a year to contact Jayne. Now, certain that he and Jayne fell in love the first time they met, Reilly has arrived to give destiny a nudge.

For any other woman this would be a no-brainer, but Jayne is picking up confusing vibes. And Reilly’s latest action-adventure blockbuster is about to draw the wrath of her next review.

Can Jayne really give in to this big, reckless matinee idol and stay true to herself? In a little town where anything can happen, there will be only one way to find out.

Tami Hoag Reilly's Return

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