Tami Hoag – Magic

Magic is the second novel in the Hennessy series by NYT bestselling author Tami Hoag and is also the fourth book in The Rainbow Chasers series and one of the Loveswept romance novels.

The publication date of this story was October 1, 1990.

Magic book description

Strange things were happening in Drake House: A perfect rose appearing on a pillow…an antique dress materializing out of nowhere…a mysterious spirit roaming the halls…

Five years after Rachel Lindquist had left California to chase her dreams, she returned home to care for her aging mother, only to find herself chasing a ghost!

Addie Lindquist insisted a presence haunted Drake House and had hired noted parapsychologist Bryan Hennessy to investigate, but Rachel knew better than to believe in what she couldn’t see — or to surrender to the strong current of desire pulling her towards Bryan.

Bryan had dealt with skeptics before, but convincing Rachel was the biggest challenge of his life. The enchanting beauty had lost faith in everything that wasn’t practical, and that included matters of the heart.

As Bryan fought her reluctance to succumb to feelings she couldn’t control, a second, more sinister force began to stalk them, threatening to drive them from Drake House and from each other — a force that could be banished only by a man who believed in the power of love and…Magic.

Tami Hoag Magic

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