Tami Hoag – Keeping Company

Keeping Company is the second story in the Rainbow Chasers series by Tami Hoag.

The publication date of this novel was May 1, 1990.

Keeping Company book description

Sensible corporate lawyer Alaina Montgomery has been frustrating her matchmaking friends for years. But this time they’ve really tried to set her up with the wrong guy: Dylan Harrison, a free-spirited single dad who runs a ramshackle bar and bait shop. Appropriately enough, she meets him on the way to a science-fiction-themed masquerade party.

When cops mistake the costumed pair for a lady of the evening and her client, Alaina and Dylan end up in jail together. And soon they hatch a plan to foil the matchmakers once and for all by pretending to be a couple.

What begins as a good-natured ruse quickly blossoms into a real romance, as these two polar opposites discover that desire can’t be so easily disguised.

Tami Hoag Keeping Company

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